About Bangzbro’s creativities


 Bangz Bros was founded back in 2014 while in route to a road trip to South Carolina and North Carolina. My partner and I were free styling for about 5 hours with no radio; just an iPod filled with instrumentals. I “Tre’ Ruger” came up with the context called “Bangz Bros” and I asked Ric Flew would he accept my ideas. Ric Flew felt kind of cautious because he didn’t want any people to criticize us. 

I have been rapping since my elementary days. I use to rap on tape recorders and on my computer with a cheap microphone. Ric Flew is the first person who has given me an opportunity, while everyone else doubted my “MC” skills. I am a talented ghost writer. I have written thousands of verses and hooks; It seems it never gets old. I tend to express my life through my lyrics, that way my audience can feel my vibes. 
Ric Flew is ambitious, he been rapping since he was 10 years old. He would change well known rappers lyrics into funny jokes, then have everyone laughing at him. Ric Flew also known as Mr. Flew, represents the term “Flew” which is the past tense of Fly. He defines himself as the flyest person ever, wearing expensive clothing and shoes. Ric Flew dropped his first mixtape called Flew Season on Datpiff.com yet he hasn’t earned his recognition of an artist. He attains the skills to perform on stage and records his music very quickly. 
Bangz Bros is not a movement about banging or slut shaming bad women. We just like to expose the truth to the world like the daily news. Also, we enjoye rapping about other things strongly such as the ghetto struggle. We plan to create a successful foundation by putting out mix tapes, music videos, photo shoots and open mic’s We are straight out of Washington, DC’s ”Ward 8” down in South East Anacostia. We started with low quality music, but now we in the official studio house recording crucial tracks and trying to build up a permanent platform.

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