About Bangzbros’s creativities

The whole Bangzbros idea was founded back in 2014, going on a rode trip to South Carolina and North Carolina . We were free styling for about 5 hours with no radio just an Ipod filled with instrumentals. Me myself as Tre’ Ruger came up with this context called Bangzbros and I asked Ric Flew would he accept my ideas so he wasn’t sure about tagging along with the movement. Ric Flew felt kind of cautious because he didn’t want people to criticize us. I been rapping since elementary days I used to rapped on tape recorders, I use to rapped on my computer with a cheap microphone, and Ric Flew is the first person who given me an opportunity while everybody else doubted my Mic Controller being an young “MC”. I am a talented ghost writer I wrote thousands of verses and I wrote thousands of hooks seem liked I never gets tired of writing music. I have an experiential life you can hear my problems and feel my vibe. Insight on Ric Flew’s ambitious he been rapping since he was 10 years old I remembered he will changed other rappers lyrics into funny jokes then have everyone laughing at him. Ric Flew known to be Mr. Flew Himself, he represents the term “Flew” which means a past tense of Fly it’s a fashion statement you know how some people defined themselves as the flyest person ever wearing expensive clothes and expensive sneakers . Ric Flew dropped his first mixtape called Flew Season on Datpiff.com he hasn’t earned his recognition of an artist yet he does have the skills to perform on staged and record his music very quickly.